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What will you say to your foreign friends’ suggestions? (listening for detail)
Текст аудирования:
— You could show me some of your family photos.
— You might as well tell me about your classmates.
— What about going to my grandparents and staying overnight there?
— How about calling your parents today?
— We might go and buy some souvenirs for your family and friends.
— We could e-mail to each other when you leave.
— Why don’t you come to us next year?
— How about my coming to Russia one day?

Role play. In his letters, Kevin, a character in the story Some Friend!, makes a few suggestions to Dodie who he wanted to make friends with.
What conversation could take place between Dodie and Kevin? Read Learning to learn note No. 9.
Pupil card 1
You are Kevin.
You make the following suggestions to Dodie:
to come to your house and look at the pond with all the frogs.
to show Dodie your tree fort.
to share your sandwich with Dodie.
Pupil card 2
You are Dodie.
You are ready to accept Kevin’s suggestions:
to come to Kevin’s house and look at the pond but you are afraid of frogs.
to see Kevin’s tree fort.
to take Kevin’s sandwich because you forgot your lunch at home.

Activity book ex. 1.

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