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Why do we call some people good specialists? (AB ex. 1)

In your culture. What can you tell your foreign friends about famous Russian people? Use who or whose.
1) My hero is Pavel Nakhimov (1802—1855). He was a Russian admiral … won many sea battles.
2) I admire Nikolai Pirogov (1810—1881). He was a famous doctor … saved many people after many battles.
3) I like listening to the old songs of the Time Machine (Mashyna Vremeni). It is a popular Russian rock band … music attracts many people and … songs are nice to listen to.
4) I admire the works by Vladimir Vysotsky (1938—1980). He was a poet … wrote many popular songs. And he was an actor … roles in theatre performances and films made him famous.
5) I admire the pictures by Vasili Surikov (1848—1916). He is a well-known Russian painter … pictures show the life in old Russia.
6) I like the plays of Alexander Ostrovsky (1823—1886). He was a popular dramatist … wrote many wonderful plays.
7) Dmitry Mendeleev (1834—1907) was a great Russian scientist … Periodic Table* was a revolution in chemistry.

What kinds of people do you admire? Use the LCG.

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