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Vocabulary. A lot of children in Britain do something for charity. Emily, Jack, Tom, Jennifer and Rose are talking about what they and their schoolmates do for charity.
1) How much do Emily, Jack, Tom, Jennifer and Rose do for charity? Use the word box to learn the meaning of the highlighted words.

Word building
donate v + -tion = donation n

At my school wo do a lot of projects for charity. Every class chooses a charity organisation, and then during the year the pupils collect money for the charity. We raise money for different charity organisations: Children in Need,* Save the Children,* Help the Aged. (Emily, 13)
A lot of schools in my hometown are involved in collecting money for charity. In our school there is a charity box. If you want to donate some money on charity, you put the money into the box. Our parents also make donations. (Jack, 13)
My schoolmates and I like to contribute to charity. All pupils in my class want to make their contribution. We have a lot of fundraising ideas. We organise charity fairs and competitions, charity runs, sweet and cakes sales, talent shows. Then we donate the raised money to different charities. (Tom, 13)
Last year, our class collected clothes and sent them to the UNICEF.* The clothes went to those in need. This year our class helps the RSPCA.* We volunteer at the local zoo garden. We feed the animals, clean the cages, organise excursions for kids and do other volunteer work. (Jennifer, 14)
I joined a group of volunteers. We support a girl in India. We provide the girl with clothes and raised some money for her needs. I’m happy that we can make a difference to the needy child. (Rose, 13)

Word box
charity — благотворительность
a charity (organisation) — благотворительная организация
to be involved (in sth) — быть занятым, повлечённым (во что-л.)
to donate (to) — передавать в дар; жертвовать
a donation — передача в дар; пожертвование; to make donations делать пожертвования
to contribute (to) — делать вклад; жертвовать
a contribution — вклад; пожертвование; to make a (one’s) contribution сделать вклад, внести свою лепту
a sale — распродажа
to volunteer — добровольно помогать
a volunteer — добровольный помощник

to support — оказывать поддержку; помогать
to provide (sb with sth) обеспечивать (кого-л. чем-л.)
to make a difference — делать что-л. значительное, важное
Words to guess
fundraising n — ?
need v нуждаться; need n — ?;
needs n pl — ?;
needy a — ?

2) What have you learnt about Emily, Jack, Tom, Jennifer and Rose’s contribution to charity? Decide If the following statements are true. Prove from the children’s stories.
1) Emily says that in her school pupils do a lot of charity projects.
2) Emily’s school raises money for different charities.
3) Jack’s schoolmates and parents donate money to charity.
4) Tom’s school organises a lot of charity events.
5) Not all Tom’s classmates want to take part in charity fundraising.
6) Tom’s school usually spends the raised money on school needs.
7) Jennifer and her classmates support needy people in poor countries.
8) Jennifer volunteers at the zoo.
9) Rose and her friends support a poor boy in India.
10) Rose is glad that she helps the needy child.

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