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A lot of children in Britain take part in different projects. Jessica was also Involved in a project. Now she and her classmate Anne are talking about the project.
1) Did Jessica enjoy the project? (listening for the main idea)

2) Jessica would like Anne to join her in the project.
Did Anne like the Idea? Use the word box and find in the dialogue how Ann says that she is excited and that she is bored.
— Jess, how was your holiday?
— Oh, great, thank you. I went to Paris with my sister.
— Really? That’s wonderful!
— It is. Last school year, my sister asked me to take part in the World Challenge project. It’s when a group of people get together and plan a trip to any country. Then they raise money for the trip by doing different work. We earned the money by helping in the local zoo.
— What a great idea! Any plans for the next year?
— Sure. I’d like to visit Italy next time. This year I want to try babysitting or delivering newspapers. Would you join me?
— Actually, I don’t find babysitting very interesting. But I like delivering newspapers a lot.

3) What are some other ways of saying that you are excited or bored?
What a great idea!
Really? That’s wonderful!
I find it/… exciting.
It sounds like fun.
Отличная идея!
Вот это да! Это замечательно!
Я нахожу это/… увлекательным.
Звучит забавно.
I don’t think it’s exciting. Actually, I don’t find it/ … very interesting.
I’m sorry, (but) I’m really not interested in …
It sounds boring.
Не думаю, что это увлекательно.
Честно говоря, я не считаю это/ … очень интересным.
Извини, (но) я не очень интересуюсь …
Звучит довольно скучно.

4) Replace the highlighted expressions in the dialogue with those that tit. Act out the dialogues you have got.

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