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The surveys show that children all over the world are concerned about the life around them. Here are some children’s worries.
1) Do these children worry about similar problems? Use the words given in capitals to form new words to complete what the children say. Then listen to check.
I worry about the … problems. I’d like other people not to make the Earth a litter bin. The … in the world is getting worse every day. A lot of paper is thrown in the parks, streets and lots of other places.
I want all people to be I think that not only special … should be in charge. We also can make our … . Let’s put our litter in the bins. Then our cities would be happy and clean places to live in. Our Earth needs … . Please don’t let it be destroyed. (Frank)
I find school worrying. I know that school is very important because we must learn to get a good job.
And my school … are not bad. But I always feel nervous about not having excellent marks. I’m glad I have my parents and friends who are … and help me to look at the bright side of school. (Betsy)
I don’t feel good about the … people in poor countries. I think that this problem should be taken more … . I think all people should make their time and money … to support them. Learning to share is the way to make our life happier. (Peter)
I am very happy with my life. I go to a good school, have lots of great friends. But I think that we need more … for our free time. Not everyone wants to sit at home watching TV all day. There should be more clubs to mix with your friends. I think a lot of children would be interested in … . (Lizzie)

2) What are these children’s worries? What do they suggest to improve the situation? Copy the table and complete it using the children’s stories.
free time
What is the problem?
How to improve the situation?

3) Which of these children’s worries do you share? How do you feel about it?

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