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Charity begins at home. In the Stewart family the parents cannot do without their children’s help. They often ask their children to help them about the house.
1) Do the children in the Stewart family help their parents with housework chores?
I’m Tracy Stewart. My Mum often needs me to help her with the shopping. I enjoy doing the shopping.
This is my brother Steve. His room is always messy. Every day my Mum makes him tidy his room. And I would like him not to take my things.
My Mum’s name is Patricia. She is always busy. Everybody wants her to help. I often ask her to cook my favourite chocolate cake.
My Dad’s name is Peter. Sometimes he asks me and Steve to help him in the garden. I don’t mind doing it.
My little sister Paige enjoys cleaning Dad’s car. But he doesn’t let her do it.

Grammar for revision
I – me

2) What do the Stewarts ask each other to do?

3) What grammar structures do we use when we want other people to do something? Read the rule and check. Read Learning to learn note No. 1.

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