Страница 67 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова

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Here are some pieces of advice for you if you want to be eco-friendly.
Is it difficult to follow these pieces of advice? Match the two parts.
Recycle old clothes. Take them to charity shops.
Reuse plastic shopping bags. Do not throw thorn away.
Don’t leave glass and plastic bottles in the woods (= small forest).
Do not use chemicals if possible. Support a wildlife organisation.
Walk to school instead of going there by car.
Reduce energy use.
Producing electricity also causes climate change.
Pollution from cars damages people’s health.
Some of thorn destroy ozone.
Besides, they can cause health problems.
Glass and plastic can be bad for wildlife.
Plastic bags spoil nature and destroy the planet.
Environmental groups organise different projects to protect nature.
Other people may reuse them.
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