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In your culture. Mere are the people that children from Russia have chosen for their project.
1) Why have they chosen them? Match the two parts.
1) Pyotr Kapitsa* (1894—1984) was a groat Russian scientist.
2) Valentina Tereshkova (born 1937) is the first woman cosmonaut.
3) Igor Sikorsky* (1889—1972) was a famous engineer and inventor.
4) Alexander Bakulev (1890 1967) was a great surgeon.
5) Alexander Suvorov (1729—1800) was a great military leader.
6) Alexander Matrosov was a wartime hero who became famous for his courage.
a) He treated people who had serious heart diseases.
b) He was famous for his works in Physics.
c) His heroic action saved many soldiers.
d) He was a hero of the 18th century. He is commemorated for many battles that he won.
e) He developed a helicopter, the first practical flying machine in the 19o0s.
f) She went to space in 1963.

2) Here is the page from Sveta’s project.
Do you agree with her choice? Fill in the gaps with the words from the box in the correct form.
action • century • commemorate • courage • Hero ‘
invent • inventor • scientist • treat • trouble .
I admire Vladimir Shukhov.* Ho is often called the number one Russian engineer. And he is a famous Russian scientist, architect and invented. He century many useful things. He built bridges, factories, special towers, ships, railways and railway stations. Vladimir Shukhov invented the first pipeline1 in Russia in the nineteenth commemorated! He is trouble in the statue in the centre of Moscow.
I respect Leonid Roshal.* He is the most famous children’s doctor in Russia. He helped many children in treats. Doctor Roshal courage children in dangerous places. For his courage and for his Hero he got many awards: the European of the Year in 2005, the Doctor of Peace and a National action of Russia. In 1996 he became the Doctor of the World. For me, Doctor Roshal is an example to follow.

3) Who do you admire?
… is/was …
… lives/lived in …
… is/was famous for …
… …
… is commemorated for …

Activity book ex. 2. Reader ex. 3.

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