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People cannot do without friends. Friends are different. They look different and have different personalities.
1) Vocabulary. Amy, Ben, Harry, Ken and Kelly are speaking about their friends.
What are their friends like? Use the word box to learn the meaning of the highlighted words.
“My best friend is Ashley. Sometimes I fall out with her over little things but we make up quickly.” (Amy)
“Nick is one of my best friends. I always turn to him for help or advice and he is always there for me. Once we fell out with him and started to call each other names, but in an hour we were best friends again.” (Ben)
“My best friend Kris is my neighbour and we often get together. I like talking to him about different things. He does not always agree with everything I say, but he’s loyal and 1 can always rely on him.” (Harry)
“I made friends with Jack and Jason three years ago. They are my true friends. I hope our friendship will last forever and they will never betray me.” (Ken)
“My friendship with Hazel started with e-mailing and chatting on the Internet. Then we met and now Hazel is one of my best friends. She can keep secrets and has a good sense of humour. And she never forgets about my birthday!” (Kelly)

Word box
to fall (fell; fallen) out (with sb over sth) phr v — ссориться (с кем-л. Из-за чего-л.)
to make (made; made) up phr v — (по)мириться
quickly — быстро
to turn to (sb for sth) — обращаться (к кому-л. За чем-л.)
to be there (for sb) idm — быть готовым прийти на помощь (кому-л.)
a neighbour — сосед, соседка
to get together phr v — встречаться, собираться вместе
to rely (on sb) — полагаться, надеяться (на кого-л.)
to make (made; made) friends (with sb) idm — подружиться (с кем-л.)
to last — продолжаться, длиться
forever — навсегда, навеки
to betray – продавать
a sense of humour — чувство юмора
Words to guess
to keep v — хранить
a secret n — ?
can keep a secret — ?

2) What have you learnt about Amy. Ben, Harry, Ken, Kelly and their friends? Decide If the following statements about them are true, false or not stated.
• Amy and Ashley often fall out with each other.
• Amy and Ashley make up quickly.
• When Ben is upset, his friend Nick is always there for him.
• Kris and Harry often get together because they are neighbours.
• Kris can rely on Harry because Harry is a true friend.
• Ken thinks that his friendship with Jack and Jason will last forever.
• Ken is sure that his friends will never betray him.
• Kelly made friends with Hazel three years ago.
• Kelly can keep secrets and has a sense of humour.

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