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Visitors to the website “Icons of England” do not only vote for other people’s choice but they can make their own choice.
What items do some British people vote for? What is special about these items? Match the two parts and the pictures on p. 110.
1) My choice is fish and chips.
2) Cottage gardens are recognised as part of our culture.
3) I love the British weather!
4) I’d like to include Madame Tussaud’s Museum.
5) I vote for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland* by Iiewis Carroll.
6) I vote for the Oxford English Dictionary!
7) A traditional cup of tea!
a) It is a typically English dish. I think that fish and chips is necessary for every visitor to the UK to try!
b) The book is a significant part of British culture. It is very exciting for both children and adults to read.
c) They are not easy to look after but they are absolutely marvellous!
d) It is very interesting to talk about because it is always changing!
e) British everyday life is impossible to imagine1 without afternoon tea.
f) It has been around for more than 200 years. The collection of life-size figures of famous people is exciting to look at, indeed.
g) It is made up of 20 books and includes 5,000,000 English words! The Dictionary is necessary for every English language lover to have and use.
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