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1 Choose a project you’d like to do. Read Learning to learn note No. 7.
Project 1 My ideal weekend
Design a timetable of your ideal weekend.
Write about things you’d like to do and places you’d like to go to at the weekend.
Illustrate your ideas with pictures, photos and drawings.
Write captions for them.
Project 2 Our free time activities/ hobbies
Write questions to find out your classmates’ popular free-time activities/hobbies.
Do a survey.
Put the results of the survey in writing, tables or graphs.
Illustrate your ideas with pictures, photos and drawings.
Project 3 A hobby I’d like to take up
Describe a hobby you’d like to take up.
Explain your choice.
Illustrate your ideas with pictures, drawings and captions.

2. Present your project and answer your classmates’ questions.

3. Discuss your projects and decide which is the best.

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