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Your classmates and you can also have your own opinions on friends and friendship. What do you think about friends and friendship?
Friendship is a feeling
A true friend is a person
Friends are people


(is/аге) honest/fair/…
can keep secrets, can rely on one another.
(is/are) always there for you.
(can/cannot) last, forever.
make up quickly.
never fall out over little things.
often get together and have fun.
turn to one another for help.
will never betray (you).
make(s) you happy.

Pete Payne is the character in the book The Diary of a Teenage Health Freak. Here are some notes from his diary.
1) Who does Pete write about in his diary? What are his notes about?
This diary writer’s Name — Pete Payne. 14 years old.
Nickname — “Know It All Pete.”
Hobbies — watching TV, worrying about myself, teasing my younger sister.
Personality — shy, unattractive to girls, afraid of life, bad at sport; doing my homework before watching TV.
My older sister. Name — Sally.
Personality — bossy, and will do anything for money (she wants to buy a motorbike).
My younger sister. Name — Susie Jane.
Personality — worries what her friends will think of her family, enjoys shopping.
My best friend. Name — Sam Sproggs.
Personality — crazy about bicycles, attractive to girls, tries to be original but isn’t, gets more pocket money than me.
Pot cat (Sally’s). Name Bovril. Ago — 14 months and losing all her hair.
My house. Three bedrooms and a shoebox for Susie.
My room. Books everywhere.

2) Can you say the following about Pete Payne? What can you add?
The diary’s writer is a boy who has a nickname “Know It All Pete”. He lives in the room which looks like a library: there are books everywhere.

3) Describe the other people and things in Pete’s diary.

4) Write down a few notes about your family and friends. Exchange these notes with your classmates. Tell the class about what you’ve learnt from the notes.

Activity book ex. 1. Reader ex. 1.

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