Страница 162-163 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова

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Vocabulary. Ron and Fanny are telling their relatives about the trip to London.
1) What places did Ron and Fanny like in London? Use the word box to learn the meaning of the highlighted words.
Ron: London is an ancient city. The Romans* founded it many centuries ago. They started it as a fortress. Later it became a town. In old times different people damaged and destroyed it. But skilfull Londoners restored their city again and again.
Fanny: Westminster Abbey* is magnificent! But I don’t know who designed that beautiful building.
Ron: I liked St Paul’s Cathedral.* It’s the most important church in London. It is really big!
Fanny: The East London mosque is one of the largest in the UK. I like it a lot! It’s beautiful!
Ron: The British Museum* and the National Gallery* house world masterpieces: rare paintings, ancient sculptures, unique books and metal works of old masters.
Fanny: I admired the Monument. Christopher Wren, a famous British architect, designed it to commemorate the Great Fire of London.*

2) What did you learn about London? Decide if the following sentences are true, false or not stated according to the story.
1) The Romans founded London two centuries ago.
2) The Romans began London as a fortress.
3) Later London became a town.
4) Very good masters restored the city again and again.
5) The magnificent building of Westminster Abbey houses rare paintings and unique books.
6) Christopher Wren designed Westminster Abbey.
7) St Paul’s Cathedral is a big church.
8) There are a lot of masterpieces in the National Gallery and in the British Museum.
9) The Great Fire of London is commemorated in the Monument.

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