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What happens when people do not care for the environment? Combine the two sentences into one and make necessary changes.
When / If litter is left in the forest, the animals are hurt.
People leave litter in the forest.
Factories and cars pollute the air.
People throw away plastic bottles.
A lot of people don’t recycle paper.
Some children break trees.
People throw litter into the river.
People leave glass bottles in the forest.
It hurts the animals.
It causes climate change.
It damages the environment.
People cut down more trees to make paper.
It disturbs birds.
It pollutes the water.
It hurts animals.

Some children think it Is possible to save the environment by recycling.
1) Is recycling paper important or a waste of time? Put the verbs in the correct form (Present Simple Passive or Active). Write them down in your exercise book.
Many children think that recycling paper is a waste of time. But it isn’t correct. It is a fact that less energy is needed to make new paper from recycled paper and less materials are used. When a lot of people recycle their paper, a lot of trees are saved and the forest and its wildlife is protected. Because when forests are cut, fewer animals have homes. Every year an area of rainforest the size of Wales is cut down and a lot of animals disappear. Besides, it is necessary to understand that when the rainforest is destroyed, it causes global warming.
It’s good when children are taught about the environment from a young age. Then they understand that everyone can make a difference to their community, their town and the world.

2) What happens when people do not recycle paper?

What is the ecological situation in your region like?

Activity book ex. 1.

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