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In Britain, there are a lot of children who help the Earth.
1) Nikki, Jackie and Ben are talking about their attitude to helping nature.
Which of these children are In the pictures? (listening for specific Information)

2) Which of the children think it Is necessary to help the Earth? What do they personally do?
My relatives live in Louisiana, the USA. They are wildlife specialists. They care for otters: there arc a lot of them in Louisiana. They prepare the otters for life in the wild. Some otters are sold to zoos. But most of the animals go to the states where otters have disappeared. When I visit my relatives, I help them to care for otters. I love otters. I feed them, I clean their cages. My uncle says that he is happy that otters are coming back. I am also very happy. I think it is necessary to help wild animals. Now 1 know I want to work for a wildlife park. (Nikki)
I am sure we can help to save the Earth. We must remember the three R’s. I save the plastic bags from the grocery shop and reuse them.
I save plastic food containers. They make good water toys. Before I buy something, I think:
“Can I recycle it? If I have to throw it away, will it damage the environment?”
I’ve just joined the RSPB* Wildlife Explore Club. I’ve asked my mum to help me to make a protecting area for birds and other wild animals.
We have planted trees and have made a pond.
You can also help to save the environment by remembering to do simple things. For example, a lot of electricity is saved by turning off the TV and lights when you leave a room. I think small changes can make a difference to the environment. (Jackie)
The problem of the environment is much talked about on TV, the radio, and in the newspapers. But my friends and I don’t really talk about it. At our school, we don’t have any environmental programmes. Where I live there aren’t any special bins. And no one recycles anything.
I know there are special environmental organisations: Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund* and Friends of the Earth. These groups are specially organised to help nature. I think they should be in charge of1 the Earth. (Ben)

3) Who is in charge of the planet? What do Nikki, Jackie and Ben think about It? Prove It from their stories.

thinks that



help wildlife.
be in charge of the planet.
keep the planet healthy, save the Earth.
make the planet a better place.
change the world for the better.

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