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A lot of British children help people in need.
1) Do Hilary, Stephen and Allison help people around? (listening for the main Idea)

2) Who do Hilary, Stephen and Allison help?

Grammar for revision
She helps the elderly people at the local nursing home. but Helping elderly people is necessary.

My Mum volunteers for Help the Aged on Saturdays. She looks after the elderly people at the local nursing home. Sometimes my Mum asks me to help her. I help by getting the patients the things they need or by reading books to them. It’s great when I walk in the room and they smile! Supporting elderly people is also helping yourself. You learn about people’s feelings and needs, and become a more caring person. We’ll be old some day and will need people to care for us. Showing sympathy1 to other people is really good. I enjoy doing something that helps others. I don’t get money. But I feel good when I know that I make a difference. (Hilary Preddy, 12)

Grammar for revision
I don’t donate any money.
I donated some money on charity.

I’m sure supporting charities is necessary. I think about making donations to charity when I see a money box. But usually I don’t donate any money. My family doesn’t have much money.
I know that my friends also can’t make big donations. But I never say “no” when our school needs volunteers to clean the school playground or take part in a charity run. I believe a small contribution also can help. (Stephen Kent, 14)
I personally* don’t really do any volunteer work. But I help my parents about the house. They often need me to do some chores.
My Mum never gives me money when I help her about the house.
She says that I should do it to help, not for the money! And I agree with my Mum. Of course, some chores like tidying the house and doing the dishes aren’t fun, but necessary. Actually,2 I don’t think I make a difference. I know I’ve helped my parents. And I feel good. When you do something useful, you don’t have money in your hands, you have money in your heart. (Allison Fung, 12)

3) What have you learnt about Hilary, Stephen and Allison? Answer the questions. Prove It from the text.
How does Hilary help her Mum at the nursing home?
What makes Hilary volunteer at the nursing home?
Do Stephen and his friends make donations to charities? Why?
What does Stephen do for charity?
Does Allison’s Mum pay her for helping about the house? Why?
Does Allison enjoy doing chores about the house? Why?

4) Which of the children can you say the following about? Prove it from the text.
• … shows sympathy to elderly people. • … enjoys being involved in charity projects.
• … worries about people around. • … makes a difference.

5) What do the children mean by saying the following?
— Supporting elderly people is also helping yourself.
— When you do something useful, you don’t have money in your hands, you have money in your heart.

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