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Londoners often discuss the plans for building something new in their city.
1) What are they going to build In London in the future?
Europe’s biggest mosque will be built in London in the near future.
The London medical centre will be designed by a famous architect.
A new underground railway will be built in the east of London in five years’ time.

2) What changes will take place in London in the future? What structures are used to tell us about it? Read the rule and check. Read Learning to learn note No. 1.

In your culture. There have been a lot of changes in Russia. And there will be more changes in the future.
1) What are they in your opinion?
The famous forts
One thousand new ships
The Painters’ House
The monument to Minin and Pozharsky*

Four new theatres
More underground stations and railways
More and more cars
will be built
will be restored
will be produced
will be rebuilt
will be designed and built
will be restored
will be built
in Moscow.
In Kronstadt.*
near St Petersburg.
In Russia.

2) Pair Work. Compare your suppositions with your partner.
Will the famous Kronstadt forts be rebuilt?
Where will four new theatres be built?

3) Ask your teacher to check your suppositions.

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