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Many British schools organise different clubs for children to do their favourite activities in the evening or at holiday time.
What do different children say about one and the same activity?
Linda says that the drama club is interesting.
Helen says that she is interested in performing different roles at their school parties.
Linda: The drama club is interesting.
Tom: Pm excited about horses.
Robert: I’m thrilled about motorsport.
Sue: I’m surprised chat some people are bored with photography.
Alex: I feel relaxed when I play the guitar.
Steve: I took up climbing three months ago. And now I’m really excited about it. Mark: It’s thrilling to watch motor races and to take part in them.
Josh: Climbing is a thrilling and challenging kind of sport. I’d like to take it up. Justin: Riding horses is very exciting and I’d like to take it up.
Helen: I’m interested in performing different roles at our school parties.
David: I think that playing a musical instrument is relaxing. I can play the guitar for hours.
Judy: I don’t think that photography is a boring hobby. I find it very interesting.

Here are the results of the hobby survey among British children.
1) What is Dan’s opinion about the results of the survey? Use -ing or -ed adjectives.
Most popular non-sporting hobby
Collecting 72% (per cent)
Drama 66%
Drawing 60%
Most popular collections
Stamps 25%
Stickers 19%
Coins 15%
Most popular musical instrument
Piano 26%
Guitar 25%
Violin 12%
Most popular sporting hobby
Swimming 24%
Football 20%
Hockey 9%
Top hobbies you’d like to take up
Horse-riding 23%
Ice skating 15%
Fishing 14%
I’m not surprised that collecting is the most popular non-sporting hobby. I think it’s exciting to collect and swap different things. I agree that the most interesting kinds of collections are stamps and stickers. Besides, they are easier to find than coins. I’m surprised that 26% of the children are interested in playing the piano. As for me, I find it boring. It’s interesting to learn that swimming is the most enjoyable sport. I’m also mad about it and do it four times a week. I feel very tired after my swimming lessons but I’ll never give up swimming. I don’t understand why children aren’t interested in football and ice skating. Maybe this is because of their parents who think that these sports are dangerous and are worried about their children’s health? It’s surprising that only 23% of the children are thrilled about horse-riding. Horse-riding is an exciting hobby, indeed.

2) What is your opinion about the results of the survey?

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