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There are different reasons why Britons have voted for one item as the icon of England and have not voted for another one.
1) What items do Linda, Paul and Mike express their opinions on? (listening for specific information)

2) Do Linda, Paul and Mike agree with the choice some British people have made?
Paul: I’m sure that the British have only voted for the items that they like most of all. They have chosen fish and chips. Terrific! The dish is very tasty and has been around for many years. The dish is not very healthy to eat every day but we do! As to Wimbledon, I’m all for it. The Wimbledon tournament is one of the highlights people enjoy every summer. Let’s take the Harry Potter books. They are very exciting to read, indeed. To many, Harry Potter is something they can’t do without. I think that people’s choice is a matter of taste and nothing else.
Linda: I don’t think that the British have always made a prop er choice. To many, fish and chips is the icon of England which they can’t live without. But I personally have not voted for it. Why? Because the “chip” is not British. It is Belgian. Many people have voted for tea. But tea is not British, either. It came from India! Most British people are crazy about football and they have voted for it. OK, football is British. But I don’t like football. Why should I vote for it?
Mike: I think that people vote for this or that thing not because they personally like it or not. Pm sure that people vote for traditional items that have been around for many years. They vote for the things that are recognised as part of our culture and our history, for the most significant or most typical items. They vote for what is great in the country, for what best represents Britain. The items people have voted for are easily recognised as the British ones all over the world. And it does not matter1 what country they come from.

3) Which of the children (Paul, Linda or Mike) expressed the following ideas? Prove it from the stories.
People vote for the items that:
they like best of all.
most people like and can’t do without.
do not come from other countries.
are not enjoyed by everyone.
are traditional and typical of the country.
best represent the country they live in.

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