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British children write about their favourite after-school activities on the Internet.
1) What do the following children write? Fill in the gaps with the words from the box in the correct form.
ability • achieve • aambition • award • championships • go in for • gold • hard
necessary • professional • properly • set a record • top • try
I go in for running since I was 9 years old. My ambition is to compete for Great Britain in the European championship and to become a top sportsman. (Peter, 12)
Last year I won the Young Sportsman of the Year award. I tried hard and set a record for the 100 metres. I’d like to be an Olympic swimmer one day. I want to win a gold medal. I know it is necessary to train hard and properly if I want to achieve my ambition. (Clare, 13)
I first started playing the piano when I was six. My teacher says that I have musical abilities. But it is necessary to work a lot if I want to become a professional. (Neil, 10)

2) In your culture. What are the achievements of some Russian children? (AB ex.1)

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