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Some people are good at one thing. Others are good at a lot of things.
1) The British children are talking about their friends who are good at different subjects. Whose report card is this: Robert’s, Lisa’s or Henry’s? (listening for specific information)
Mark: A
Mark: A –
Mark: B +
Mark: B+
Mark: A
Mark: A

2) Is it possible to do a lot of things well?
Are the opinions of the British children similar or different?
I think it is impossible to be good at Maths, History, Geography and Art at the same time. It’s better to be a top specialist. My friend Robert is the best in our computer club. He is the number one pupil at Maths and ICT. He writes programs brilliantly and very fast. He can talk about computers for hours. His ambition is to write programs for computer games. Robert is not good at Geography and History. And he doesn’t care.
I think it is possible to be good at many things. My friend Lisa is a talented person. She has achieved much in different areas. And she works hard. She is the best pupil (she’s got A’s in most subjects) and at the same time she is a top sportsman. She is the best swimmer in Year 7.
My friend Henry is not the best pupil. He likes Science and History and he likes making photos. But he doesn’t spend enough time on his favourite subjects. His marks are not good. I think he should study more seriously to get better results. Besides, he should make photos more carefully and neatly because they are not often good, either.

3) Is the following information true or false? Prove it from the text.
1) Robert has got A’s in some subjects.
2) Robert can become a good programmer.
3) Robert can become a good historian.
4) Lisa is a hard-working person.
5) Lisa studies very well.
6) Lisa can do many things brilliantly.
7) Henry has a problem in rganizing his work.
8) Henry can become a good photographer.

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