Страница 34 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова

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If children want to have better results, they should train harder.
1) Compare the three children. Who works hardest? (AB ex.1)

2) What advice can you give to Susan and John (Lesson 2 ex.1 p. 29) if they want to be the top pupils? Use the adverbs in the box.
If Susan wants to get A in History, she should study more seriously.
hard • neatly • perfectly • properly • seriously • well

3) Group work. How do your friends and you do different things? Make a list of activities, make a survey and compare the results of the survey.

Activity book ex.2. All about me. My plans in studying. (AB No 3)

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