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In your culture. Here are some facts from the history of St Petersburg.
1) Put the facts In the chronological order.
1) The Peter and Paul Cathedral was designed by Domenico Trezzini at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
2) The Mikhailovsky Castle was built by Vasili Bazhenov* and Vincenzo Brenna at the beginning of the nineteenth century.
3) St Isaac’s Cathedral* was decorated by famous Russian painters in the middle of the nineteenth century.
4) The magnificent Kazan Cathedral was built in 1811.
5) St Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great* on 27 May, 1703.
6) The Victory Monument was created in 1975.
7) The Dutch Church was housed in the beautiful building in Nevsky Prospect in 1831-1837.

2) Pair work. Ask your teacher for additional Information about the sights of St Petersburg.
Was the Victory Monument built in 1975?
Who was the Kazan Cathedral designed by?
When was the Peter and Paul Fortress* started?

3) What would you tell tourists about the sights of St Petersburg?
The Winter Palace was built and designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli.
The Winter Palace was built in 1754—1762.
1) Bartolomeo Rastrelli built and designed the Winter Palace.
2) They founded the Hermitage museum* in 1764.
3) Designers decorated the Summer Gardens* with wonderful sculptures in the 18th century.
4) Well-known architects designed and decorated the famous St Petersburg bridges.*
5) Bartolomeo Rastrelli designed the Catherine Palace for Tsarina Elisabeth.*
6) They restored and redecorated the Peterhof* palaces after the Great Patriotic War.

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