Страница 62 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова

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Project 1
Helping hands
Make a list of people who need your help.
Make a list of charity projects.
Think of activities you will do to help those in need.
Make a poster to illustrate your project.
Project 2
Charity Fair
Decide what charity organisation you would like to support.
Collect information about this charity organisation.
Think of interesting fundraising ideas (sweet and cakes sale, talent show, etc.).
Write an announcement about the charity fair.
Project 3
A charity organization I would like to start
Decide what charity organisation you would like to start.
Think of a name for your charity organisation.
Plan charity activities you want your classmates to be involved in.
Make a poster about your charity organisation.

2. Present your project and answer your classmates’ questions to explain your ideas.

3. Discuss all the projects and decide which is the best.

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