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1. Choose a project you’d like to do. Read Learning to learn note No 7.
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Project 1 The Board of Fame
• Think who of your classmates can get an award and which one. The awards may be:
The fastest runner The most serious person The hardest worker
• Explain why the person can get the award.
• Design and make some of the awards.
• Design the board of fame.

Project 2 The award I want to start
• Think of the name of the award and its idea.
• Think of the levels, sections and activities of the award
• Design your own award programme.
• Illustrate your plan.

Project 3 My ambitions
• Make a list of your ambitions.
• Think how you can achieve your ambitions.
• Write about what you have already done.
• Make a collage with photos and illustrations

2. Present your project to your classmates. Answer your classmates’ questions.

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