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Jigsaw reading. The UK consists of Great Britain (England. Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland. Each country has its own items that make them great.
welshicons.org/cymrupedia/symbols • www.visitscotland.com
Read Learning to learn note No. 5.
1) In home groups. Read what Robert, Andrew and Hannah say about Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and answer the questions. Read Learning to learn note No. 4.
Why is the teenager proud of his/her country?
What are the best things about the country?
What is the capital of the country famous for?
What does the teenager love about his/her country most of all?
A I am proud of being Welsh. We have our own history, language and culture. I’ve got a Welsh flag on my wall and jeans with the Welsh dragons* on. The best thing about Wales is its natural beauty. Mid-Wales, the green capital of Wales, has the famous Snowdonia National Park.* Ten million people visit and enjoy it every year. In Mid-Wales there are more sheep than people! Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is famous for a few things but the most significant item is the Millennium Stadium,* the largest football ground in the UK. And it’s fun when there are rugby and football matches and concerts. But most of all I love it when we all get together at festivals of music, singing and poetry like the Royal National Eisteddfod* of Wales. (Robert)
В I am Scottish and I am proud of it. Scotland is a country of natural beauty. It is famous for its Highlands,* pretty lakes and green forests. In Scotland there are some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches! Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a great city where you can see the most significant items of Scotland like the National Gallery of Scotland* and the Royal Botanic Garden.* One of the best things that really make my country great is the Wallace monument * which is packed with exciting items about Sir William Wallace,* the national hero of Scotland. I personally love the Edinburgh Festival Fringe* with its amazing performances and where we all feel like one big happy family! (Andrew)
С I am Irish and I am proud of my country. I love its natural beauty, the language, which is cool and sounds really nice, and the people that are very nice, too. My country is famous for its beautiful legends including the story of the Giant’s Causeway.* The Giant’s Causeway is one of the greatest natural sights in the world which is fun for everyone to explore. I live in Belfast, an amazing city and the capital of Northern Ireland. For me, the most beautiful attraction in Belfast is Belfast Botanic Gardens* with its opera performances and concerts. But the thing that is recognised as Irish all over the world is St Patrick’s Day*! I love it when we celebrate this day by organising parades, eating Irish food and wearing green-coloured clothes. (Hannah)

2) In expert groups. a) Compare your answers for the task and come to an agreement.

b) Copy and fill in the chart with the information you’ve learnt from your story.
Northern Ireland
— the most famous and significant items
— the best examples of natural beauty
— the most popular festivals/holidays
— the capitals and their famous items

c) Get ready to retell the story you’ve read.

3) In home groups. Retell the stories you have prepared for your group mates. Use the questions as an outline. While listening to your group mates complete the chart.

In the whole class. Discuss what makes the UK great.

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