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British children write about their favourite after-school activities on the Internet.
What do they prefer doing after school? Complete the sentences with the words from the box. You can use some words more than once.
change • enjoyable • fond • free • get
hanging out • keen • mad • relaxing • stamps • take • thrilling
— In my … time I enjoy listening to music. It’s … .
— I am … of bowling. It’s … .
— I am … about climbing. I can’t wait to go to the climbing club. It’s a … sport!
— I am … on field trips. They are a … from school.
— I’d like to … up collecting … . It’s very interesting.
— I go to the Guides* twice a week. I … a lot out of this experience. If I’m not going, I’m … with my friends.

In your Culture. How do Russian children spend their free time? (AB ex. 1)

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