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Ray, Leonard and Liz are talking about the people who they think are their heroes.
1) Who are they? (listening for specific information)

2) Are Ray’s, Leonard’s and Liz’s heroes famous people or not?
Hi, I am Ray. My Dad is not a famous person or a national hero. But he is my hero! He is always fun. I can play-fight him and he doesn’t mind. He isn’t a person who won a championship or walked on the Moon or saved people in trouble but he is kind and clever and he is never boring to be with. My best days are the days that I spend with my father. He knows a lot about space exploration and the achievements of scientists. I like his stories about space expeditions and astronauts. Sometimes my friends join us to listen to his stories and I am proud of my Dad.
I am Leonard. My hero is Mel Gibson. He is a wonderful actor. He is an actor whose characters are brave! I think Mel is like his characters. Only brave people are heroes. My favourite role which he played was William Wallace* in Braveheart.* William Wallace lived in the thirteenth century and was a real leader of the Scots. He was a soldier whose courage was an example for many and is still remembered. I am proud that people like William Wallace lived in this country.
I am Liz. When we hear the word “hero”, we think of bravo people or wartime military leaders. But MY hero is my big brother. He is smart and helpful. If I have a bad day, he says everything is going to be all right. My brother is the first to help me with my homework. When I had a sore throat, he tried to entertain me and treated me with honey, hot tea and lemon. He wants to be a doctor and his ambition is to invent a new medicine.

3) Which of the children could express these ideas? Prove it from the text.
Parents can be their children’s heroes.
Not only famous fathers are heroes.
Children whose parents know much and can tell them interesting stories are proud of their parents.
Heroes are always people whose brave actions are examples for many.
Big brothers can be examples to follow.
Ordinary people can be our heroes.
The word “hero” makes us think of famous people.

4) Which ideas do you agree with and why?

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