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Some British children enjoy relaxing in their tree time, some others prefer something that is challenging.
1) Do Anna, Tom and Ben prefer relaxing or doing anything else in their free time? (listening for the main idea)

2) What are the most enjoyable activities for Anna, Tom and Ben in their free time?
Anna: I take lessons in Irish dancing. You might think that it is boring, but for me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than dancing. It is really fun. I have a chance1 to travel to Canada and the States* to compete. The only thing that matters for me now is to win in the World Championship of Irish dancing. I’m going there this month. I’m excited about it. I think Irish dancing is a brilliant hobby and people should try it before they say it’s boring.
Tom: When I come home from school, I do nothing but relax because I’m very tired after a difficult day at school. I like sitting in front of the TV with popcorn. I’m a bit of a coach potato.* My favourite channel is MTV. My Mum doesn’t like the way I spend time. She says that sitting in front of the TV set is a waste of time. I don’t agree. We all work very hard at school and it’s fair to relax. More than that. I get a lot out of TV. There is nothing I don’t know about my favourite groups. And it’s fun to be a fan!
Ben: There’s one thing that you should do after school, it is going in for sport. Sport is not only enjoyable, but useful, because it makes you healthy. I’m mad about climbing and I spend every spare minute at the local climbing centre.* It’s a change from school. I took up climbing about 6 months ago and I was thrilled about it. The great thing about climbing is that you can become good at climbing quickly. It’s challenging and it makes me feel really strong. Besides, I’ve made lots of friends at the centre and I really enjoy it.

3) Why do the children like spending their free time In this way? Prove or correct the following statements using their stories.
Anna takes up Irish dancing because she wants to win in the World Championship.
Anna is excited about dancing because she has a chance to travel.
Tom learns a lot from TV programmes.
Tom’s mother thinks that he needs to relax after school.
Tom doesn’t find watching TV boring.
Climbing makes Ben feel strong.
Ben made many friends at the climbing centre.
For Ben, climbing is interesting and enjoyable.

4) Do the children waste their free time or spend It In a good way? What do you think? Explain your point of view.

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