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Vocabulary. When school is over British children do different things. Tom, Linda and Robert are sharing their opinions about their favourite activities.
1) What do they like doing in their free time? Use the word box to learn the meaning of the highlighted words.
Tom: My favourite after-school activity is playing sports! I took up tennis when I was ten and now I go to a tennis club twice a week. Besides, I’m mad about football. I’m in the school football team and we play against other schools every Tuesday. It’s so thrilling to take part in football competitions and to win them! I also want to try something challenging, skateboarding for example. In the evening I usually watch TV, play computer games or read.
I can’t say that I read a lot, but I’m fond of funny stories.
Linda: Homework takes most of my free time on weekdays. If I’m not doing my homework, I prefer listening to music. For me there is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than listening to my favourite songs and joining in singing. At weekends I usually hang out with my friends in the park. Sometimes I go sightseeing with the history club. It’s an exciting change from school and homework!
Robert: I’m keen on collecting things. I’ve got different collections. At primary school I collected car models, stickers of pop stars and sportsmen. Now I’m collecting stamps and coins from different countries. I don’t understand why some children start collecting something and very soon give up this hobby. I think collecting is fun and an interesting hobby. I get a lot out of it. I keep a diary and write interesting facts about each item of my collection. I often show my collections at our school club of collectors.

2) Why do the children like doing these activities?

3) Which activities do you like doing in your free time? Which activities don’t you like? Why?

4) What’s your opinion about what Tom, Linda and Robert do in their free time?
I think listening to music is relaxing.

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