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There’s a lot for a Russian tourist to see in London. Julia has just begun discovering London. Robert, who lives in London, is her guide for today.
1) Which of the pieces of street furniture are Robert and Julia talking about? (listening for specific Information)

2) What do Julia and Robert say to approve of each other’s suggestions? Use the word box to find out how people say that they approve.
Robert: What would you like to see first, Julia?
Julia: Everything. But right now I’d like to look around here.
Robert: I’m all for it! There are lots of interesting things to look at. Why don’t we have a look at a pillar box, for example?
Julia: Yes, it seems just fine.
Robert: The first pillar boxes appeared in 1853. This pillar box appeared when Queen Victoria* was on the throne. The letters VR on the box mean Victoria Regina. It’s Latin for Queen Victoria. If you want to send a letter, there are over 100,000 pillar boxes for you.
Julia: That’s very good!
Robert: What shall we see next? …

3) What are some other ways to say that you approve?
It seems just fine.
(Yes), that’s very good! I’m all for it!
It’s just what I wanted.
Кажется, это как раз то, что надо. (Да), очень хорошо!
Я целиком за!
Это как раз то, что я хотел(а).

4) Replace the expressions in the conversation with those that fit from the word box. Act out the conversation.

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