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British and American children write to different magazines. Sometimes they ask for advice if they have some problems.
1) What problems do the following children have? What is the advice? Match the problems (A-D) with the pieces of advice.
A. I’m playing a song on my violin in front of one hundred people, and there is one difficult note in the song. I’m very nervous.
B. I am good at basketball, and I want to play better.
С. I love sewing but everyone in my class thinks that it is strange.
D. One of my classmates thinks that I don’t play football well. I’m not a top sportsman. But I like football.
— Explain better to people around you.
— If you train hardest, you will be the best.
— Study the rules more properly. — Practise the difficult note more carefully.
— You should try harder. — Practise harder and you will play more perfectly.
— Enjoy the game. Train harder and you will play better.

2) Listen to the pieces of advice. Match them with the problems. (listening for detail)

Текст аудирования:
1. Study the rules of the game more properly. You will play better if you take part in a game and pay attention. But the most important thing is to have fun when you play the game.
2. Everyone is nervous before performance, even professionals. But if you are ready, you won’t be so nervous. Practise the note more carefully. Then you can practise the song. Ask your teacher to help you. I’m sure your teacher will be glad to help. And don’t be afraid. Adults are happy when they see how their children perform.
3. Sometimes children say something critical about another child if they don’t understand this child. You can correctly explain your hobby to your friends.
4. Train harder and more regularly and you will be the best. Enjoy the game and don’t forget that you play in a team.

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