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Children from different countries are involved in charity projects.
Read what Emma wrote on a charity Internet site. Use the words from the box in the correct form to complete Emma’s story.
a charity • a contribution • to contribute • to donate to be involved • to make a difference • to raise • to support • to volunteer
Last summer my family looked after two girls from the area near Chernobyl.* It was our … to Chernobyl Children Lifeline.* This charity … children from Ukraine and other regions. I learnt about this … from my teacher. The pupils from my class always … to charity projects. We … at the local kindergarten, organise parties for kids, clean the local park. Also, we organise charity fairs at our school to … money. Our parents … too. They help us to make things for the fairs and … money. We are always looking forward to

Do Americans support charities? (AB ex. 1)

How much do children do for charity? Give supporting details.
Children donate money to charity.
Children are involved in different charity projects.
Children support needy people in poor countries.
Children do volunteer work.

Do you and your friends do anything for charity? Why? Why not? Read Learning to learn note No. 3.
… (not) involved in …
… (don’t) support …
… (don’t) donate/make donations …
… (don’t) volunteer …

Activity book ex. 2. All about me. What I do for charity. (AB No. 4) Reader ex. 1.

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