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Vocabulary. In the UK, there Is a special website (www.lcons.org.uk) where visitors can vote tor the icons that best represent the country.
1) What icons of the UK have Ted and his parents voted for? Use the word box to learn the meaning of the highlighted words.
We have voted for the I/melon Tube and the Tube map! The Tube is the first true underground railway system in the world. It was opened in 18G3 and now it is the largest one. The Tube has 274 stations and 270 million people use it every year. The Tube map is an absolutely new type of map. It does not show true distances, it only shows how to get from one place to another. The map, which Harry Beck created in 1931, is recognised as a model map. It has been around for many years and millions of people use it every day.
I have voted for the British Library, the national library of the UK and one of the world’s greatest libraries. It is packed with millions of books, magazines, newspapers, maps and other items. The Library has a copy of every publication which is produced in the UK. The collection includes more than 150 million items in foreign languages and some very significant things: Leonardo da Vinci’s* notebook and the Beatles* manu scripts! The Library is a true icon of the UK!
My choice is Sherlock Holmes,* the most famous detective in the world! Sherlock Holmes is part of our culture. He represents all that is great in this country. To many, Sherlock Holmes is the most typical example of an English character. Every day Sherlock Holmes’ fans from all over the world visit his museum at 221b, Baker Street in London.

2) Have Ted and his parents made their choice because of the following reasons? Use the texts to prove that:
the London Tube is the oldest underground railway system in the world.
the London Tube is the largest one in the world.
the London Tube map is an absolutely new type of a map.
the British Library is one of the greatest libraries in the world.
Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous detectives in the world.

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