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The Stewarts volunteer every Saturday at the local charity club. They write notes to remember the things they need to do.
What do the club members ask the Stewarts to do this Saturday?
Sat., 25
Peter organise fiwdraising
Pat a cake for the charity fair
Tracy sweet and cakes sale, shopping for Mrs Preddy
Steve charity run, car cleaning for Nr Brian

Here are some activities the volunteers organised at their charity club.
Which activities would you like your parents and friends to take part In? What do you want them to help with?

Your parents, friends, teachers and other people around cannot do without your help.
What do people ask you and your classmates to do for them? Organise a survey. (AB ex. 1)

Activity book ex. 2. All about me. What chores we have in our family. (AB No. 5)

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