Страница 173 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова

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Many foreign tourists visit the Russian Museum in St Petersburg.
1) Which picture are the guide and the tourist talking about? (listening for the main Idea)

2) The British tourist is interested in the painting but he doesn’t understand all.
Use the word box and find in the dialogue how the tourist:
asks the guide to say something again;
shows he is listening.
— Here is the picture of the famous Russian painter Victor Vasnetsov Vitiaz at the Crossroads.* The painter showed the world of Russian fairy tales in his works.
— How interesting!
— Yes, I think that this vitiaz comes from those old fairy tales.
— Sorry, what does “vitiaz” mean?
— Vitiaz is the Russian word for “knight”.
— Could you repeat the name of the painter, please?
— V-l-C-T-O-R V-A-S-N-E-T-S-O-V. Victor Vasnetsov.

3) What are some other ways to ask someone to say something again and to show you are listening?
I am sorry, what did you say? Извините, что вы сказали?
Pardon? Прошу прощения?
I beg your pardon? Я прошу прощения?
Could you repeat …. please? He могли бы вы повторить …. пожалуйста?
Really? Вот как!
Indeed? Неужели!
I see. Я понимаю.
How interesting! Как интересно!

4) Replace the highlighted expressions in the dialogue with those that fit from the word box. Act out the dialogue you’ve got.

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