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What are your and your friends’ achievements and ambitions?
1) Pair work. Discuss your achievements and ambitions with your partner. Read Learning to learn note No 2.
What do you do after school?
What are you interested in?
to go in for…
to like to…
to go to… club
to play…

What helped you to get good results?
to practise hard
to train properly
to work hard
to try hard

What are your ambitions?
What were your achievements?
to win:
— a competition (in)
— a (… ) championship
— a gold/bronze medal

to win/to get:
— a (… ) prize
— an award (for)
to achieve good results (in)

to be/to become:
— the best (at)
— a professional
— a top sportsman
— the best pupil
— the number one (player)

to set a record (for)
to take part in:
— a (sport) competition
— the world championship
— a concert
to be in a national team

2) What can you tell your foreign friend about your and your friends’ achievements?

Activity book ex.2. Reader ex.1.

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