Страница 135-136 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова

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Mohammad and Liz are answering the question “Is it good to be famous?».
1) Do the children have the same opinion? (listening for the main idea)

2) The children are discussing the problem.
Use the word box and find In the dialogue how the children say:
they agree;
they partly agree.
Mohammad: I don’t think it’s great to be famous because famous people are not free persons.
Liz: I know that many people think so but famous people are free to go anywhere and to do what they want.
Mohammad: Agreed, but very often photographers chase them around.
Liz: How true. Once I saw a popular singer who was doing the shopping and photographers made her leave the shop.

3) What are some other ways of saying you agree or partly agree?
How true.
I absolutely agree.
I’m with you there.
Я совершенно согласен (согласна).
Я с тобой согласен (согласна).
Yes, maybe, but …
Agreed, but …
Yes, but on the other hand …
Да, может быть, но …
Согласен (согласна), но …
Да, но с другой стороны …

4) Replace the highlighted expressions in the talk with those that fit from the word box. Act out the talk.

1) Read what some people say about being popular. Say if you agree or partly agree. Support the ideas with the statements from the right column.
— There are good moments in being popular.
— It’s not good to have many fans.
— Neighbours of some actors and singers are not happy.

— Some fans always chase famous actors or singers around.
— In their letters to popular people, some fans ask for very expensive things for themselves.

— There are bad things in being popular.
— All popular people are very busy.
— Young and unknown singers are free to go anywhere.
— Some fans are not polite.

— People don’t recognise young singers.
— People give gifts and flowers to popular actors, sportsmen or singers.
— They don’t have time to enjoy themselves.
— The fans of these actors and singers are noisy and leave litter.

2) Think of good and bad moments in the lives of popular actors, singers or sportsmen and write your statements.

3) Pair Work. Come out with your statements. Agree or partly agree with your group mates.

Activity book ex. 1.

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