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Your foreign friend tells you about different projects.
What would you say in the following situations?
We’re having a charity fair next Saturday.
I need you to help me with a poster about the charity fair.
Let’s take part in the charity run.
Our class is volunteering by picking up litter in the park today. I’d like you to join us.
I’ve got two tickets for a charity concert. I would like you to go with me.

Pair Work. Discuss with your partner the charity projects.
Pupil 1: Name the charity project.
Pupil 2: Express your attitude towards the charity project.
1) Our class helps by cleaning the local park.
2) Nick, Dave and Alex are performing at the charity party.
3) Julie is sewing toys for children at the local hospital.
4) The girls are raising money by selling sweets at the charity fair.
5) We are volunteering at the local nursing home.

Activity book ex. 1. Reader ex. 4.

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