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Belgorod the capital of the Belgorod Region. Is another Russian city with a long and interesting history.
What is Veronika telling her foreign friends about Belgorod? Use the verbs in the Present Simple and Past Simple Passive or Active.
I live in Belgorod and I like my city very much.
Belgorod means “white city” because the region is rich in limestone. My city is very old, it was started in the thirteenth century. I know that Belgorod was destroyed by Mongols and in 1596 the town was founded again as a fortress to protect the borders’5 of Russia.
Today Belgorod is a modern and beautiful city.
Belgorod is famous for its cathedrals, they were built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Preobrazhensky Cathedral is my favourite, it was designed by the architect Evgeny Vasiliev. I like Selivanov’s House, it was built in 1792. Now it houses the Literature Museum.
There are funny metal sculptures in the streets. Ordinary people are commemorated in them. The sculptures were created by masters from Belgorod and Kharkov. I think that people who visited Belgorod 10 or 15 years ago will like it how the city looks like today.

All about me. Facts about my hometown. (AB No. 12)

Activity book ex. 1, 2. Reader ex. 2.

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