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Here are some British children’s opinions about Russia and its people.
1) Are these children’s opinions about Russia different or alike? Choose the correct word to complete what they say. Then listen to check.
There are some exchange students from Russia at my school. They are very smart and friendly children who like laughing and having fun. They are good at learning English. I think Russian children are more interested in getting good marks at school than British children. They learn seriously. In my opinion, Russian children study harder than British children. But British children ask more questions and are involved in their lessons more actively than Russian children. Though we are different we get on really well. (Judy)
I have a Russian pen friend whose name is Alexei. Swapping e-mails with him is a great fun. It’s fun having a friend who shares the same interests with you. We both like the same music, sport games and the same subjects at school. I’ve learnt a lot of interesting things about Russia from Alexei. Having a pen pal in Russia makes you understand how many things are there to learn! (Josh)
Last winter we visited my Mum’s cousins who live in Moscow. I had never been to Russia before and I was looking forward to visiting them. Our trip was really exciting. I enjoyed to going sightseeing. We admired the Kremlin and the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Moscow is one of the best cities where you never get bored. The culture is thrilling and the people are nice. (Julia)

2) What do these children say about Russia? Copy the table and complete the column about Russia. Use the information from the children’s opinions. Consider the following items.
Free time
How do they see Russia?
What have you learnt about Britain?

3) Which children’s opinions about Russia do you agree with? Give your reasons.

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