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British children are sharing their opinions on some famous Russian items.
Agree or disagree with their opinions and give reasons or examples, (listening for detail)
— I think that it’s interesting to read Russian folk tales.
— Oh, yes. Russian folk tales are very interesting to read, indeed. I personally like folk tales about animals most of all.

Текст аудирования:
1. I think it’s exciting to celebrate the Russian folk holidays.
2. I think it’s enjoyable to take part in different folk fairs.
3. I hope it’s not expensive to buy traditional Russian souvenirs.
4. I’m not sure that it is safe to live in the countryside in Russia.
5. I know how difficult it is to compete with the Russian hockey players.
6. It is not dangerous to use the Moscow Metro, I think.

Activity book ex. 1, 2. Reader ex. 3.

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