Страница 37-38 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 7 класса Учебник Кузовлев, Лапа, Перегудова

На этой странице рассмотрим все ответы на Страница 37-38 из учебника по английскому языку 7 класс Кузовлев
Children often ask each other what they can do well.
1) Listen and read the questions in the word box. Listen to the answers. Which question are the children answering? (listening for the main idea)
Do you know how to cook? Ты умеешь готовить? (Ты знаешь, как?)
Do you know anything about playing football? Ты знаешь что-нибудь о том, как играть в футбол?
What are you like at writing tests? Насколько хорошо ты умеешь выполнять контрольные задания?

2) Henry and Lisa are talking about cooking.
Read their conversation. Use the word boxes and find in the conversation:
• how they say they can do something;
• how they say they can’t do something.
— Can you cook well?
— I’m really good at cooking and 1 help my brother in the kitchen. The best thing I’ve ever made was vegetable soup with potatoes and onions. My parents really liked it!
— And I don’t know how to prepare big tasty dinners. But I’m not bad at salads and sandwiches.

3) What are some other ways to say you can or can’t do something?
I know how to cook. Я умею готовить. (Я знаю как. )
I know something about cooking. Я кое-что понимаю в приготовлении еды.
I’m not bad at playing football. Я неплохо играю в футбол.
I’m really (quite) good at photography. У меня способности к фотографированию.
I don’t know how to cook. Я не умею готовить. (Я не знаю как. )
I’ve по idea how to take photos. Я понятия не имею, как фотографировать.
I’m not good at playing football. Я не очень хорошо играю в футбол.

4) Replace the highlighted expressions in the dialogues with those that fit from ex.1.3). Act out the dialogues.

Pair work. Do you know what your classmate can do well?
1) Ask and answer the questions from ex.1.
2) What can your friend do?
Pupil card 1
Ask if your partner can do the following:
• windsurf;
• play the violin;
• write computer programs;
• make kites.
Answer your partner’s questions.
Pupil card 2
Ask if your partner can do the following:
• play chess;
• learn long poems by heart;
• draw cartoons;
• float on a raft.
Answer your partner’s questions.

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