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Jigsaw reading. Famous people came to their fame In different ways. Read Learning to learn note No. 5.
1) In home groups. Read one of the texts (A, В or C) and do the task. Make up a story about the life of the famous person using the outline.
… was born and grew up…
… worked …
… his/her ambition was …
… was the person who/whose …
He/She …
… it helped him/her to achieve a lot and made him/her famous.
A Mark Twain was a talented writer and wrote some of the funniest stories in the world. His real name was Samuel Clemens. He was born in 1835 and grew up in the little town of Hannibal, Missouri. When Sam was twelve his father died. The shock changed him and he became a different boy. Ho stopped his little-boy games and thought about his mother’s hard work and money problems, lie had to help his mother. Sam went to work in his brother Orion’s printing shop. At that time Sam began to write funny stories and took the name Mark Twain. Mark Twain had to change many jobs. He worked hard and visited many places in the USA. His experience and talent helped him to write his funny stories and people in America began to read and like what he wrote, and soon his stories became popular all over the world.
В Henry Ford was a man whose ideas changed the world.
He was born in 1863 on a farm near Detroit, USA. But he didn’t want to live on the farm because he hated farming and he liked cars. When he was 16, he went to Detroit to work in a workshop. He worked hard and learnt how to use different machines. He began his experiments with machines and in 1896 he built his first car.
In 1903, when H. Ford was 40, he started the Ford Motor Company. At that time the car was expensive for ordinary people. Henry Ford decided to change the situation. He was the first to use an assembly line and in 1908 the company made a car that many people could buy. The assembly line was a revolution in car making.
C Evangeline Booth was born in London on Christmas Day in 1865 and since her childhood she wanted to be like her father, William Booth.* The Booth’s home was a place of good actions and wonderful ideas for helping others. William Booth tried to give the poorest people food and to get jobs for them. He started the Salvation Army.*
Evangeline was only thirteen when she came to work in the Salvation Army. People called her the “White Angeln. She raised money for poor people, supported needy people and brought them food. Many workers of the Salvation Army went to other countries and Evangeline came to the USA and made the Army a strong organisation there. President Woodrow Wilson gave her a medal for her work. Then she came back to London and became the world leader of the Salvation Army.

2) In expert groups. Compare your answers for the task. Come to an agreement. Get ready to retell the text to your classmates.

З) In home groups. Retell the text you have read to your group mates. While listening to your group mates, make up two more stories according to the outline.

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