Страница 97 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 6 класса Учебник Афанасьева О.В. Михеева И.В. Часть 2.

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Choose the right item.

When we got up the sun … .
a) already rose
b) had already risen
c) has already risen

Many years ago people … .
a) wore funny clothes
b) wear funny clothes
c) had worn funny clothes

I … home very early yesterday afternoon,
a) had come
b) was coming
c) came

When we entered the hall the music … loudly,
a) was playing
b) played
c) had played

While my friend … I was watching the birds,
a) fished
b) had fished
c) was fishing

He said I … up the story myself,
a) made
b) make
c) had made

My elder brother … school 3 years ago.
a) finishes
b) finished
c) had finished

Before mother called us she … the table,
a) set
b) was setting
c) had set

Complete the sentences opening the brackets.

When the bell rang the children (to run) into the classroom and (to take) their seats.
When I opened the door, the lesson (to begin) and the teacher (to explain) something to the class.
Before we (to take) the boy to the theatre he (never to see) a play.
I (to clean) the carpet when the dog (to come) and (to shake) himself.
By the time we (to arrive) the party (to finish).
— What you (to do) when I (to call) you? — I (to cook).
When I (to get) to the playground my friend already (to leave) so I (not to see) him that day.
We (to have) a good long holiday after we (to do) all the work.

Phrasal Verb to take

to take after — быть похожим на кого-либо из старших родственников, если речь идёт о характере и манерах
Everybody says that I take after my father, but my little brother Paul takes after our mother.

to take away — убрать, унести (прочь), увести (прочь)
If you are not going to eat the cake, take it away.
Could you take the children away: I don’t think they should see this film.

to take off — а) снимать, убирать; b) взлетать (о самолете, вертолете)
Take your coat and hat off, it’s quite warm in here.
Let’s take the curtains off and wash them.
When is the time for the aeroplane to take off?

to take back — отнести на место, вернуть
Don’t forget to take the books back to the library.
We made the girl take the dog back to its master.

to take down — а) снимать; b) записывать (под диктовку)
I hate this picture on the wall up there and I want to take it down.
Would you like to take my telephone number down?

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