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Develop the idea of each item in this outline.1 Ex. 16 can help you.

The greenhouse effect.
Possible results of the greenhouse effect.
The role of plants on the planet.
Climatic changes and their effects.
Reasons for climatic changes.

Many people say that the climate nowadays is going “crazy”. These are some facts proving it.

Read them through and give at least three reasons why such crazy happenings are bad for people and the planet.

The summers of 1972 and 2003 in Moscow were so hot that the forests around the capital caught fire, smoke filled the city and stayed for several days.
In January 1987 snow fell on the gondolas of Venice2 and the usually sunny coasts of France.
In 1987, 1990 and 2003 European countries had terrible storms. The strong winds ruined a lot of forest, millions of trees.

Some people say that those who live in a cold climate differ from those who live in hot countries. Do you believe in it? If you do, say in what way they can be different. Think of their appearance and their habits, likes and dislikes.

eat more — eat less
eat more spices — eat less spices
are more active — are more quiet
are more sensible3 — are less sensible
are reserved4 — are not reserved
are fond of bright colours — dislike very bright colours

1 outline — план
2 Venice — Венеция
3 sensible — рассудительный
4 reserved — сдержанный

* * * * * Let Us Write * * * * *

Spell the transcribed words of ex. 7.

Do ex. 6, ex. 8, ex. 9 in writing.

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