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Read the text and say what weathermen do.

The Weather Forecast
We get wet through when we are caught in a rainstorm without a coat. Sometimes we put on a sweater and then find that the weather has become hot. We do not always know what weather to expect. It is more serious when farmers lose their harvest because of rain, or a sailor gets into trouble when the wind rises. On TV and radio there are daily weather forecasts. Sometimes, the forecast is not quite right as the weather is not an easy thing to forecast.

All day and night, weathermen are collecting information from ships, planes weather stations, and space stations. With the help of this information, they can understand what the weather will be like during the next few days. Although no two days will have exactly the same weather, some types of weather people can forecast.

When a barometer shows high pressure, the weather will be calm. In winter it will be cold and frosty. In summer it usually means misty mornings and hot sunny days. When the barometer shows low pressure, look out for rain and strong winds.

As a result of the weathermen’s work we learn about the weather. This is one of the TV forecasts made by the BBC.1

5. “Good evening, and here is the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Scotland will be cold with snow in the mountains. In the north of England it will be a wet day with heavy showers that will move to Northern Wales during the afternoon. The Midlands will be dry but cloudy. In the south of England the day will be bright and clear with a lot of sunshine but it may be windy in the evening.”

Say: “True”, “False” or “Don’t know.”

Weathermen collect information from universities, colleges and offices.
If the barometer shows low pressure, the weather is rainy and windy.
We never know what weather to expect and there’s nothing that can help us.
For some people it’s very important to know the weather forecast.
When the weather is cold and frosty in winter, the barometer shows high pressure.

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