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Choose the right item.

Tom (wasn’t/won’t be) using his bicycle this evening. You may take it.
Be quick! In five minutes granny (was/will be) telling us my favourite tale.
Ann looked so beautiful. She (was/will be) wearing a new blue dress.
What (will you be/were you) doing after the film? Can you take the dog for a walk?
She says probably she (was/will be) having a sea voyage in May next year.
(Will you be/Were you) reading when Nick phoned?
Phrasal Verb to give

to give back — отдавать назад, возвращать
It’s my school bag. Give it back.
I have read all these books and I want to give them back.
to give out — раздавать
Could you, please, give these exercise books out?
Now I’d like to give you out some books.
to give away — отдавать, дарить
She has given away all her best books.
I don’t want to keep this money, I prefer to give it away.
to give up —
а) отказаться, бросить, перестать заниматься чем-то
b) отказаться от мысли решить какую-то проблему (признать, что ты её решить не можешь)
Don’t give up hope.
She decided not to give up music, though it wasn’t easy to find time for it.

Guess what it means: I don’t know, I give up. What is it?
to give up the idea of doing something.
At last we gave up the idea of travelling in such bad weather.
Why did you give up the idea of learning French?

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