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Imagine you’re in a geography class, look at the map (ex. 4), choose a country and compare its position with three or four other countries. Use the example of ex. 5 as a model.


1. Oxford and its university I are famous all over Europe.
2. The National Gallery and its collection of pictures are known all over the world.
3. Russia is a large country. Its capital is Moscow.

it’s=it is

1. Oxford is a beautiful city and it’s very old.
2. Look, it’s the National Gallery in front of us.
3. I like Moscow, it’s a nice city.

Make the right choice: it’s or its.

Spain is situated in the southwest of Europe. What is … capital? … capital is Madrid.
Scotland is famous for … beauty.
… easy to find Finland on the map: … in the north of Europe.
Moscow is a very old city, … history goes back to the 12th century.
India is washed by the Indian Ocean, … climate is very hot.
You can’t see the top of this mountain from here because … so high.
Paris is the capital of France, … situated on the river Seine.
St. Paul’s Cathedral is in the City. … beautiful columns can be seen above the high buildings.

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