Страница 17 — ГДЗ по Английскому языку для 6 класса Учебник Афанасьева О.В. Михеева И.В. Часть 2.

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Do ex. 7, ex. 8, ex. 9, ex. 13, ex. 14 in writing.

Use to where necessary.

— We’re going … read one of Shakespeare’s plays in school. I think the teacher said “Hamlet” or “Omelette” — I’m not sure.
— She certainly wants you … read “Hamlet”.

Let us … visit Stratford on 23 April, that’s the day when Shakespeare was born.
— I expect you … finish reading “Romeo and Juliet” by the end of January. — I don’t think I will be able … finish the play so early.
— Don’t forget … visit Anne Hathaway’s cottage when you come to Stratford. — I would love …, but I’m not sure we’ll have time … do it.
— I can’t read Shakespeare in the original. — Nobody expects you … do it. But you should … read at least some of his plays in Modern English.

Look at the words again and get ready to write a spelling quiz on them.

a glove-maker, a company, a teenager, a criminal, poetry, a twin, a deer, to please, pleased, stupid, a thief/thieves, to scream, wicked, wickedly, exact, exactly, to act, a law, a bank, to earn, a top, for a while

* * * * * Let us listen and Discuss * * * * *

a) Make sure you know this word:

to wave — махать

b) Listen to the tape, Ш 41, and say “True”, “False” or “Don’t know”.

Kevin lived in a small village on the bank of a river.
Kevin’s uncle lived in the country.
Uncle Ronald’s full name was Mr Ronald Smith.
Kevin could write beautiful poetry.
Uncle Ronald didn’t know anybody in his village.
Uncle Ronald was a kind man and loved animals.
Uncle Ronald was friendly and waved to everybody they met during their drives.

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